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I was in Chicago (Lombard) this weekend, (-22 degrees Chicago) and picked up this nifty work light for 5 bucks at Menards (A Home Depot/Lowes type of store)...Menards always has some neat gadgets as you walk in for a price I wonder how anyone can make any money on them....I always come out with wife just shakes her head and rolls her eyes ;-))


  • Terry,

    Great work light. Can't beat the price that's for sure. I think that in the grocery business they call that a "loss leader item".

    Picked up a similar item for my wife off the internet for her to use as a reading light that also had a dimmer feature. I think it was something like $39.95 plus tax and shipping may have been free.

    A couple of questions about other items I spotted on your work bench.
    The Ferric Chloride near the back... what is your source for that? An electronics store?
    The metal square blocks.. what is your source for those?

    Thanks, Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Dave...both items you asked about are from amazon
  • Can't beat led lighting - just be sure to buy "daylight" bulbs/lamps. The daylight provides very accurate color rendering on the workbench which of course is perfect for modeling and photography. Many lamps have the ability to switch between color modes which I really like. Do a little research on amazon or wherever if you are unsure of what I am referring to. Lighting is so important and the $5 light Terry purchased looks like a great bargain!
  • Could you mount it off of the bench?
  • edited February 2019
    thanks for the tip terry, i just ran to menard's and picked one up.
  • i think i'll use some double sided gorilla tape and stick it to the wall to get it off the bench.
  • the wall is a little too far away. the light dissipates too much. i'll be leaving it on the bench.
  • Kevin,
    Did you not have snow to shovel?
  • it was 44 yesterday. lots of meltage. 44 today too. 29 tomorrow though.
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