New Design For The "Gallery" Pages


The new design of the Gallery Pages is great. I like the feature that allows us to see many pages of a particular modelers build gallery at once rather than clicking on particular model build and then getting it to freeze frame for closer observation. I also like how you have added feature modelers' pages for some of our build artists; Ken Karns, Mike Engler and Steve Drees. I can easily see more of our great modelers' builds being added to this part of the Gallery. Just another feature that makes this Forum a must stop and browse more carefully location daily.

Later, Dave Sarther Tucson, AZ


  • Thanks Dave! I am really pleased how well the new website design has turned out, especially the gallery pages. For those who haven't seen it:

    I have new content to add as well including Ken's completed Foundry.
  • Brett,

    My pleasure to be sure. Ken's completed Foundry Build will be a great addition to the Gallery Page as it has been to follow along during his build in addition to his catalog of work found on the SWSM Forum. Keep Ken busy! We need to be able to see more of his modeling and learn more from him.
    Once again, thanks for the new Gallery content, new Gallery organization and addition of the featured modelers.

    Later, Dave S Tucson, AZ
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