Asphalt Shingle Granules

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I'm reading through Paul Smulder's build of 'The Shipyard' (from 2013)...a great read BTW...I'm currently at the part where he's applying Brett's 3-tab asphalt shingles.

1:1 asphalt shingles have multi-colored granules attached to the wearing surface of the shingles....I'm wondering what could be sprinkled on the model shingles after they're applied to the roof substrate...perhaps any granular substance would be 'out of scale' in HO...maybe I'm over-thinking the whole thing.

Thoughts...ideas...anyone ever done anything like this? To be fair, as I continue reading thru Paul's build I'll find that he has done this very thing....

I highly recommend reading thru the old and long buried postings... a wealth of information resides in them



  • Now that's an interesting thought. I might try some very fine sifted sand or similar type product. Then use ink to color to taste. These won't stick together the way if painted. Then give it a test to see how it looks.
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    Bryan....probably have to spray an adhesive either before sprinkling the granuals or after?... I was also thinking the granuals might be pre-colored (3) and applied in 3 passes over the roof....just thinkin’ out loud.
    I have used powdered stain to color sand/ballast....I have purchased a bag of the filler sand that is used with patio pavers .... I sift it thru 3 different strainers to separate the granual sizes...the filler sand is almost white and takes the powdered stain well
  • Powders should work also. Spray adhesive would be the way to go I think. I have had success using Gravel and Sand Fixer from AK if the spray does not work the way you like.

  • I’m out of town away from my work bench but will fool around with this when I return next week and report my I’m sure you will as well
  • I to would be interested in what you come up with?
  • Craig, I thought we lost you. I guess now that you are retired from from the police force you have more time. Good for you. Don't be a stranger.
  • I find my way back and check in every now and then, been busy going to the range every day for the last week with my buddies and breaking in one of my new toys.
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