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Has anyone experienced issues with the Reaper Miniatures paints in the metallic paints? I am speaking about the blackened steel, tarnished steel, etc. They seem to dry up in the bottle and what I have is a big blob of rubbery mess. The stuff under it is good but this seems to keep happening. Anyone else have this issue?



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    Been using the metallics for 10+ years and never had an issue...
  • Tarnished steel is my fav color for dry brushing highlights. Still using the same bottle from 7 years ago. No issues here.

  • Brett,

    How do you store your Reaper bottles when not in use? Could that make a difference? In the carrying case, in a rack cap up, in a rack cap down....?

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ

  • Dave,

    They are stored standing up cap up. They are not part of a set in a carrying case.

  • Frank, where did you purchase them?
  • Brett,

    I bought a bunch from a local hobby shop last year. Not sure how long they were on their shelves. I think it may just pay to get new ones for the metallic colors.

  • yeah, it sounds lie a storage issue on the hobby shops part. I have handled many bottles of repaer for my own modeling use and never had a single issue.
  • Just checked mine and is okay....stored in the carrying Cass they came in from Brett a year/18 months ago.....when I use them I squeeze out what I think I’ll need on a piece of glass and put the cap back on
  • All, I did find out the hard way - do not store these paints with the cap down as I did due to a storage shelf I bought. It concentrates the paint in the cap and that could lead to the issue you bring up. The hobby shop may have stored them cap down. Now I store it standing up and have had no issues. BTW, to cure the issue - shake the bottle very well; then pull the cap off and use a pin to clean out the gunk and use the same pin to create a new hole. This worked for me. Phil
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