Cutting Micoscope cover glass?

Has anyone used this type of glass for windowes? I had 2 boxes of this glass for years Was wondering How would you cut something this thin. I remember seeing a Build with glass in the windows years ago and looked real Good.DSC00006 (1)


  • A glass cutter works well.

    Scribe and snap, put some blue tape over the back of it to stop it shattering and to contain as many shards as possible.

    Wear glasses and hand protection.

  • I use it all the time. I use a carbide tip glass cutter. Clover House and PBL both have them along with the glass cover slips. I place the glass on a cutting mat and use a steel ruler to make a straight cut.
  • I know a few modelers who have sworn by real glass including Brian Nolan, For me I always felt it looked good in person but was way too shiny in photographs. If you like it and makes you happy to use then go for it!
  • Thanks Guys, I knew I would get the correct answer Here.
  • Another thing I forgot to say. When I handel glass I were Latex exam gloves. Good feel for cutting and no finger prints.
  • Randy,Its not going to brother me if the glass gets dirty. I even found some Clover House glass today digging through my stash of detail parts to sell at a Train show I'll be selling at Soon. Even seen price stickers going back to 2009. WOW
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