Yet another O'neills Fabrication

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I've not posted any pictures till now and I've admired everything I've seen on this forum. There sure are many great modelers here.
I've been working on my O'neills build so I thought I'd post a few pictures of what I've done so far on one of the interior walls of the welding shop. The back wall is just propped up on a 123 block at this time. Most of the tanks are not painted or "weathered" as yet but I just wanted to see how it would look. This kit has been a blast to build and I've learned so much. I love the techniques described in the manual, many are new to me. I'm trying to keep this build true to the manual and maybe I'll be more original in my next kit but I love the "feel" of what was created in the pictures in the manual.
Boy, you sure can get carried away painting these details. Fun.






  • Jim,

    You are off to a great start. Really like what I am seeing of your detail paint work and placement. Nice photos as well. The reflective surface under the wall and details is really effective. On one of my structures I am using a polished concrete floor but it doesn't have the same reflective patina as yours has in these sample photos.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Dave,
    Thanks. The reflective surface is just a 123 block I'm resting the walls on but it does look pretty cool. As far as the placement of the details, the credit goes to Brett as I've pretty much duplicated his pictures in the manual.
  • Jim, love the detail work, nicely executed. The details look fantastic so far.
  • Joel,
    Thanks, I spent lots of time studying your thread on the build. Thanks for your help.
  • Nice work.
  • Really like all the details you've added to the wall!
  • Looking awesome! Wonderful progress. Please keep us up to date and thanks for posting!
  • Glad you started posting this. Looks good.
  • i think the welding shop was my favorite part of the build. you're nailing it. looks great.
  • Thanks everyone, I appreciate the comments and I also welcome any suggestions and criticisms. I'm here to learn and want to get better at my skills. I'll continue posting as I progress to points that are noteworthy. I'm sloooooooow at this modeling but plug away when I can. I've added a few of the main structure to show what I've done up till now. I have to go back and add some weathering to these when I get to that point. Thanks again.


  • Coming along nicely. The color and weathering of he siding is really great!
  • Jim,

    Great realistic feel for the color of the weathered siding and roofs. I really like your flashing detail work on the bump-out. Keep on keeping on.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Great job Jim you have it under control.
  • Jim, you are doing just fine on this build. Roof and walls are very well done.
  • Hey Jim, wonderful work here and glad to see you posting your progress. Excellent attention to detail and such nice "fit & finish", nice corners, flat walls, etc. Interior detailing is certainly top shelf material...well done.
  • Working on the details of the right wall of the welding shop. Have to improve on the painting of the grinder and buffing wheel.
  • I like the color on the grinder. Looks like a machine gray/green that has started to get spots of rust on it.

    You could add a streak of spatter under each wheel...maybe some metal dust as well.
  • brownbr said:

    You could add a streak of spatter under each wheel...maybe some metal dust as well.

    Good idea, thanks.
    engine909 said:

    Nice warm colors. I like that.

    I think that is just a function of the white balance on my camera. Sometimes the shots look warm, sometimes more of a bluish hue.

  • Moving right along but so slowly. Almost ready to put the walls together. I ordered some pico LED lights, I think I'm going to try to light up the interior.

  • Absolutely you should light the interior.

    Nice cardboard box.
  • Jim, a really nice clean build, which is pretty much my vision as well. Cheers and thanks for the pictures. Fantastic roof rust color! Stellar.
  • Great atmosphere . Agree with Bryan, do the lights...
  • After all that beautiful interior work it would be a shame not to light it up. Go for it.
  • Great job on the interior. Light it up and also make at least part of the roof removeable.

    Mike S.
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    Still plugging away at this welding shop. It's going slow but I really am enjoying this kit.


    I made a resin casting of the stove and put in "flame effect" LED's from Evan design. I think I have to lower the intensity of the flame a bit but I'm happy with the results. OSHA probably not gonna like the open flame.

    Merry Christmas
  • Very well done. I like the fire in the stove.
  • Very neat welding shop. Everything is in its place. Very well done
  • Really nice effect. Love the detailing. It is a fun kit and something to be proud of.
  • Love the detail work! The flame really adds a lot to the scene!
  • With that wonderful detailing I'd want to light er up also! Stove is awesome as is the entire build. OSHA might not approve of the "ventless" stove!:)
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