New member from Germany ...

Hello from Germany,

Just want to say "hello" to everybody and leave a short note about me ... By chance I reached the cool website of SierraWest and found these great models .... and saw all your great work in this forum. Amazing .... I think this was the moment when I fell in love to these wooden wonders ... and ordered my own first kit (the Twin Mills). I hope that you will like my version although it will be one of the first kits like these in my life.

Until now I mostly build plastic or resin kits (preferable 1:35 civil dioramas with lot of weathering) and so on ... so this is new ground for me ....

Some words about me... I am 39 years old, living in Germany near Stuttgart. I am married and my wife and I are "working on our first kiddy at the moment" :) I am working in the car business as sales guy of the export department, in charge for our dealers and private customers all around the world. A different hobby is creating my own website ( which is dedicated to my hobby as well ...

So far for the moment ... now I will sit back and wait for the postman bringing my wooden wonder to me :)



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    Welcome Michael! Wonderful to see you on the forum. Lots of amazing modelers here to learn from and enjoy. btw, I am going to let the comment about "working on our first kiddy at the moment" go - and Ed, please, I beg you to do the same... hah! Michael, we look forward to seeing pictures of your little one someday!

    Anyway Welcome!
  • Welcome aboard Michael...a great place to hang out
  • Michael.
    You have found the best place to be to learn everything there is to know about the hobby. .............Carl..........
  • Welcome Michael.

    Looking forward to your first build here.

    Brett asking Ed to that is like asking the fires to be out in CA.

  • Jerry said:

    Brett asking Ed to that is like asking the fires to be out in CA.


    That is just funny, well and probably spot on!

  • crickets from tampa......
  • Michael,

    We have a 17 day old daughter. Be forewarned, infants give a whole new meaning to hangry.

    I'm new to this hobby as well, I'm on my second diorama.

    Based off of the Titanic you built you'll be a good bit ahead of others of us who are new to this hobby :wink:.

    Also, when you start working on your kit... you will discover Bretts product kind of like a rabbit hole of awesomeness....
  • I was just on your web site. That's pretty impressive wok.
    Titanic was really well done your going to fit in here just fine.

  • Welcome amongst us Michael.
  • Michael,

    Welcome to the SierraWest Scale Models modeling community. We eagerly await some build postings and photos of your progress of the new SierraWest kit after it arrives.

    Later, Dave Sarther Tucson, AZ (the land of Mariachi bands and music)
  • Welcome to the forum Michael. You have choosen and fabulous and extensive kit for your first SierraWest Scale Models build. Looking forward to your progress and again, glad to see you here. Ken
  • Love the Titanic, nice work there. Welcome to this forum. Look forward to seeing your build.
  • Hello everybody!

    Thank you so much for your warm welcome! It is a pleasure to be here and to learn from you (I have read your topics uncountable times now) :smile:

    Can't wait to get my first kits on my desk and start waiting :smiley:

    Of course I will share all progress once started! Don't be so hard with me and I hope that I could learn a lot more from you!


  • so gregarious. so full of......
    well you know.
  • Michael welcome to the forum. A great place to learn and share your work.Looking forward to seeing some of your work.
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