Searching For: SWSM O-Scale "Line Side Shed" Kit

Hello fellow SWSM modelers,

I am searching for an unbuilt SWSM "Line Side Shed" O-Scale Kit. Please contact me if you have one for sale.

Thanks, Dave Sarther Tucson, AZ


  • I hope you find one Dave, its a great kit packed with all the great SWSM 'stuff' that we all know and love. It's a real fun build.
    I had a great time building it as I'm sure you will too.

    Good luck in your quest.


    (and don't forget to post build pics when you find one !! )
  • Not so sure about the “limited edition “ concept....several early kits I’d like to get as well ;-))
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    The 'limited edition' concept works well, what needs to be understood is that molds wear out over time, and need to be remade from the masters, this is in order to keep the castings you receive as perfect as possible and up to SW standards..... This takes alot of time for each mold.... each kit has several molds.

    To keep every kit constantly available would be a logistical nightmare, think of all those hundreds of components put into that perfect box that you receive.... and then realise that it's just one man doing it....
    Then realise that 'yours' wasnt the only kit delivered today...

    Then realise that its not a production line but a single person that makes and checks every single detail and item that you get in your kit, along with every lazer cut piece and every template you receive, along with everything else.

    Then it becomes apparent what a huge undertaking it is to just put one perfect kit in a box, then think about doing that 200+ times for a new release... then..

    add into that switching molds, switching laser files, manuals, stripwood and the multiple other specific and unique items for each and every kit, it even goes down to the individual labels for each bag of strip wood, individually cut and sealed by hand.
    every piece of wire, chain, styrene and any other thing you see when you open the box and look and say "wow"

    To keep 30 different kits available with 30 different sets of 200 or so different components (not counting castings), all completed by one guy and 100% inspected each and every item that goes in the box.... thats asking alot.

    Highly focused on current offerings with a re-release of an older kit when time permits has always kept SWSM at the top....

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    10-4 Karl....I realize all’s just that since I started working on Railroad Csmp it like the proverbial “can’t just eat one potato chip” ;-))
  • Everything Karl said is so true - and I will add what is "challenging" to produce in the first round of kits starts to get boring for me so I gotta mix it up to keep my interest.
  • Hi Dave,

  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the suggestion. After a few days with no responses on the forum I had checked the site you suggested. Will try another follow-up later.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ The Heart of the Sonoran Desert
  • Dave, you might give him a call. He doesn't always keep his site up todate
  • Steve,

    As always, thanks for your response. Talk to you soon.

    Later, Dave S.
  • Dave, Check out Ebay, one just came up.
  • Dave,
    I sent you a PM on that kit. Go direct to Dave and you will save. Do not buy it on Ebay. Call him.
  • At Ed's suggestion I had called the person who had listed the kit on e-Bay. Unfortunately, the kit had been snapped up immediately from his listing by another lucky modeler. So the hunt continues. I appreciate everyone on the forum who has responded to me keeping their eyes and ears open for an O-Scale Line Side Shed kit for me to build and add to a diorama. I remain positive and hopeful that I will find one.

    Later, Dave S Tucson, AZ
  • I will continue to look.
  • Thanks Ed. Your lead was great. I just missed the kit that was posted on e-Bay and the seller was very nice about it. I bought another SWSM kit that I was very interested in from him while we were on the phone. Maybe I'll get lucky and he'll find another. Never know. Gotta hope!
    Later, Dave
  • Dave is a good man.
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