blackening metal parts

Hi my name is Tim , im part of a hobbyshop in Ft Myers Fl . It is a train shop but oddly enough i don't do trains . I build dioramas and compete in state wide contest . One of the old timers in the train store ask if I've ever built a craftsman kit . We started looking at FSM kits but when we came across Sierra West my eyes glazed over and i couldn't get my credit card out fast enough. I bought O Niels in ho scale and before it got to me i ordered the new foundry . Sorry for the long explanation but my question is why blacken the white metal and then paint , compared to black primer and paint ?


  • Hi Tim and welcome. Black paint (or for that matter any paint color) as a metal primer sucks! When handled during finishing and weathering rubs off to expose the bare metal at corners and edges. Not the look I'm going for. Chemically blackening will not rub off and in addition provides an awesome starting point for more techniques and looks.Detailed information in my manuals!
  • Tim....are you with Metro Trains? If so I enjoy stopping in when I’m down from Orlando

  • Yes i am , one of the few great hobby shops left .
  • Thank you Brett , that does make sense . As i have had parts wear on the edges from handling.
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    Welcome Tim... following on from Bretts comments....
    the process of blackening reproduces the effects of aged old metal exquisitely,
    it provides a superb base for paint and further techniques, if desired.
    Brett's techniques outlined in the SW manuals yield unrivaled results.
    (Early, unfinished progress pics)




    That metal look is unbeatable.... Imo

  • You can ask 10 different people and get 10 different methods , but the results speak for themselves. That finish is unbeatable. Thanks for sharing.
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