sierra west kits for sale

I have the following kits for sale:
Scotia Supply $250
Backwoods log train HOn3 $250
Duluth Co $225
Tool Shed $175
Water tank/Storage Shed $275
Essentials $295

Shipping $10, Pay with Paypal
email me at


  • Who has Sierra Kits For Sale?
  • edited April 2018 can try ...he has a few SWSM listed...I have dealt with him in the past on a FSM kit and had a good experience....other than my 1 time expierence LTBB

  • edited April 2018
    Sulaw....also, don't forget there are (7) HO and (7) O kits you can get right here from Brett....that along would keep most modelers busy for a good while

  • Through a friend I just acquired an old SWSM kit (minus the plans). It is one I had never heard of- Foss Clam & Oyster Co. No. 3002. Since price was right I bought it. Anybody (not Brett- he's shipping) have any info on it?

    /Users/mike/Desktop/Foss Clam & Oyster.jpg
  • Mike

    Same kit from Shelby's and foss. If you need instructions, i can scan either set and email the file to you.

  • Pete- appreciate the offer. Are you saying it is the same kit as Shelby's Marine and as Foss' Landing? Help me understand.

    Thanks for the help!

  • When I released Foss' Landing in late 2000 I also released the components as individual kits including the Clam and Oyster Company you have there Mike. There was also the Launch Company, Rowboat Shed, and Boat in dry dock sold as separate kits. So, yes this kit is the very same as was included in Foss' landing.
  • Hey've got no time to be chiming in here...get back to the shipping department ;-))

  • Oh boy!! Now the Navy is on your ass.
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