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I have had requests regarding my web " sites "
There are numerous sections , that may interest someone out there, covering my adventures in Music, Theatre, Travels, Prototype Railroads, Modellers. Over 20,000 photos stored on a dedicated server & advert free....
This year ( 2017 ) I decided to create a new section to give the web page a fresh look.
PLEASE refer to the side bar for ALL listings.....
WARNING...... You could end up spending days here..............
My humble offerings..
cheers all and remember............." Stay motivated in Life "


  • I have built all the Sierra West machinery....excellent product.
    My Step by step pics to be added when time permits....
  • Ed... my pleasure............
  • Denver NG Convention. Some " Happy Snappy's "... more soon.
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    Topic of Contests.
    I have had many a discussion with Russ Reinburg, over the years regarding contests.
    Conclusion ???.... there was non...
    Had the same very enjoyable chat with Lane Stewart at the Denver convention.
    Man he can talk
    In Australia we introduced " Show & Tell " displays and over time many modellers showcased their work, regardless of scale, level of skill or incomplete.
    Discussion, tips were encouraged, especially for the "newbies' ( which we all were, once upon a time )............
    Denver contest room would have had to be the smallest I have witnessed either in the USA or Australia... Pity is was so overcrowd at times....I was invited for an after hours entry to take photos, but just stuck at Dinner with a few mates.....
    Please note... All my comments are meant to be positive . ( food for thought )
    The Denver committee did an excellent job overall...........
  • Mario, I have frequently visited and admired your site ever since I discovered it several years ago so it was a real privilege and pleasure to finally meet you at the NNGC 2017 in Denver. Disturbed your picture-taking in the very crowded contest room, no less.

    Sounds like your site expansion and updates will add much more viewing pleasure and I look forward to perusing the new material when I finally get back home later this month!

    Take care.

  • Hi Brian....thanks mate.............Good to catchup with many friends...just not enough time to do everything.....
  • Ed. Yep. I enjoy my latin dancing with my friend...simona 2016
    m_simona 160
    New Year 2016 046
    simona 106
  • Getting ready for Tassie Expo ( Australia )...
    Good to be back, interacting with the public & modellers.
    Sample of my " show & tell " junk stuff heading down South32 scale projects2 001tn
    32 scale projects2 002tn
    32 scale projects2 003tn
    32 scale projects2 004tn
    Anders Oil Tank 001
    Anders Oil Tank 002
    Anders Oil Tank 003tn
    Anders Oil Tank 004tn
    foam CARRY boxes
    LS Parker 001tn
    LS Parker 002tn
    LS Parker 003tn
    LS Parker 004tn
    LS Parker 005tn
    LS Parker 006tn
    LS Parker 008tn
    LS Parker 009tn
    LS PARKERZ 001tn
    oil tank01
    oil tank02
    oil tank03
    oil tank04
    oil tank05
    oil tank06
    oil tank07
    oil tank08
    oil tank09
    oil tank10
    oil tank11
  • WesWes
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    Always loved you detail clutter scenes Mario

    Nice to see you posting again. Keep it up bud.
  • Wes. Thank mate... Quiet group on this forum.
  • Miniatures 2017 Web Page.
    New facelift - under construction
  • Mario,

    Just fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Steve. Thank you..
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    Hi Mario,
    Your modeling is exceptional! Thank you for the website!!!!. I look here and at your website often for all the exceptional modeling that is done, I know this takes a lot of time and is Very Much Appreciated ! By the way the dvd is inspirational and a pleasure to view ! Latin dancing what fun!
  • Mario, it was great to say hello and shake your hand in Denver. A fun convention and I hope to spend more time with you the next time we are at the same show.
    I've always enjoyed your work, and the great contribution you have made to this hobby by making so many photos of the world's best models available to all of us.
  • Fellow Modellers. Thank you for your kind comments.
    Jim.. I'm back to latin dancing starting next week.. I miss the exercise and other perks.
  • I would be interested in what you guys do in your spare time.

    After being out of the Theatre scene for a few years, a new production is being staged in 2018. Over a period of 2 years I was involved in 13 productions, building stage props, working back stage & ocassionally stage manager... plus taking the odd Illegal photo...

    rock you
  • Lol...nice collage. I think you didnt take enough pictures...
  • Ed... I need to lose weight, anyway i can
  • Alan.... Damn !! I missed a spot on your dio...can you post it to me...will send straight back....after i take the photo....My lady friend says hi....Her sister is in Chicago
  • Mario...A pice of fine art. ...........Carl
  • Hi Guys. Could someone confirm who built this model...oneilstn
  • Excellent
  • Alan...thanks mate...I found the awards pics i took....
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