Chopper adapted - scale firewood.


  • Just like the real thing! it...cut me a few cords for BlueSky and deliver behind the cookhouse and don't forget to come up the side stairs and we'll throw back a couple cold ones!
  • Well...I was going to work in my yard, but this idea changes my Sunday afternoon plans. Very clever!

  • Wonderful Karl. This will help with both the Wood Cutters Shack and Loco Service Shops as they Shay will be wood fired instead of coal.

  • edited July 2017
    Thanks Ken and Bill, the "Fabricator's" back !... but, stay tuned for more...

    Wood cutters shack Mark.... excellent.... my inspiration for the idea...

    However, after cutting a few cords for Kens 'Blue Sky' I have realized that
    a minor improvement over the original 'chopper' design needs to be made.
    Update tomorrow.

  • Sweet Contraption...Can I buy one from you?
  • $500, or $600 assembled
  • Nice Karl. You grasp the value of labor and inspiration. Thanks for being so generous with your inspiration.

  • Karl.A said:

    $500, or $600 assembled

    What's the price WITHOUT the computer keyboard? I've got a bunch of old keyboards and can just plug one of my old ones into it.

    Bill S.

  • If you use your own keyboard as a photo back drop unfortunately it voids the warranty,
    (good luck plugging in a wireless keyboard, ;) )
    the price of the item remains the same.

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