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Hello folks, new member here. I'm finally retiring and beginning work on a 4'x8' diorama that I've been planning for years. It won't have operating trains (although it will have some track through the town and some rolling stock) because I'm really into scenery and structures. It's going to be a harbor town/fishing village where the mountains meet the sea. There are still a couple of waterfront kits that I haven't been able to locate, so I thought I'd mention it here - just in case. I'd really like the SW Foss' Landing (I already ordered the Shipyard), as well as the FSM Emporium Seafood kit. I hope it's OK to mention another manufacturer here. If not, let me know, and it won't happen again...and I apologize in advance. If anyone hears of either kit coming up for sale, I'm interested! Thanks, Dan in Omaha.


  • Dan
    There was one on E Bay last week that one comes up often I built Shelby's and like that one much better, Hope that this helps.
  • Hi Dan, welcome! Both Foss' Landing and Emporium Seafood can be found regularly on ebay. That would be your best bet for sure. Be smart about ebay kit purchases! Confirm with the seller before bidding that the "main components" are present in the box. Templates, Manual, castings box (with castings, not empty), etc... I do believe that 95% of ebay sellers are honest and would never purposely misrepresent their items. But, that doesn't mean they are misinformed about contents so just play it safe! Good luck in your search.
  • Hi Dan, if you're looking for classic, iconic, waterfront kits I would certainly be keen for SierraWest Scale Models SHELBY'S Marine Service. This is one of the kits I was thrilled to be able to secure for a future build (see below). Sounds like you have your priorities in line when you mentioned you're "really into scenery and structures"!...Ken

  • Thanks guys! The advice is much appreciated - including what to watch out for on eBay. I'll definitely add Shelby's marine to my search!
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    I have the kits you want. We can work out a fair price.
    Thank you.
    ed keen
  • I just wanted to wrap up this conversation by saying thank you very much to Ed Keen. We had a nice conversation on the phone, and I'm more excited than ever to get started on my diorama. Ed was able to provide me with all 3 kits: Emporium Seafood, Shelby's Marine, and Foss' Landing. They arrived in great condition, and at a fair price. I also received notice that The Shipyard will be delivered tomorrow, so I'm one happy camper! Thanks again Ed and Brett. I hope to meet you all in person in Altoona at The 2017 Expo!
  • Dan, It was my pleasure. You are a gentleman and I look forward to seeing your progress. You will get great support from many forum members.
  • Wow, you are in good shape...nothing better than being up to your armpits in SWSM kits!
  • For anyone interested, there is a built-up version of Brett's old HOn3 Porter loco up for sale on eBay this morning.
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