Out of Production SW Kits for Sale/Trade/Looking for

Please note these kits are being sold by fellow forum members. Please contact Brett before posting your items. Only out of production kits may be posted here. All transactions are between seller and buyer and kits cannot be guaranteed by sw.

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  • You might want to reconsider changing the title of this thread to "Wanted/for Sale".
  • Great idea Brett, as the Forum members here should get first crack at classic, out-of-production, SierraWest Scale Model kits.
  • Yup, had many requests over the years for this feature!
  • I'll start. I'm always interested in buying the Machine Shop and the Backwoods Work Train, all in HO. Thanks. Phil
  • I'm interested in the O Scale Water and Sand Cars. I'm also interested in the HO Scale Oil Disconnect Car. Its tough to find pictures of the oil car...therefore I attached one so folks know what I'm looking for...


    Oil Car
  • I'd take any of the work cars in O. Also, is there an O water tank? Thanks all.
  • Hey Phil, there is a Backwoods Work Train up on Ebay for $300.
  • Hi Everyone
    I have this air brush and compressor I would like to sell. I paid 117.00 for the brush and 160.00 for the compressor I will take the best offer for both the boxes are still sealed . They are made by Passche.
  • Thanks Alan. I see it. I'll have to watch it and see how high it goes.
  • Phil, I hope that one bid was yours. If it was, you got a good deal. Now I don't have to sell you mine.
  • Ed, I actually let it get off the radar screen and missed it. Oh well, next time. Phil
  • Hi guys! I have a HO scale wood shed that I bought from Brett this summer. Not knowing that it is the same one that is in the logging camp essentials. Any one out there that wants it, pm me! Brett sold it to me for $75.00, I would ask the same, plus shipping. Pete
  • I am looking for these kits please. The Freight House and E. J. Whiley Wholesale.
    Will trade 48 Bob Dylan albums for either kit. Plus one Carpenters and a mint copy of The Mamas and Papas. You know the joke.

    Mr. Sager RIP I will miss that cat. Ernie Johnson pays a beautiful tribute to his dear friend. Mr. Johnson is an other amazing man. He and his son are a remarkable story. Man we have lost some good ones in the past year.
  • Ed
    Have you had any luck finding the E. J. Whiley kit if you run into a extra please let me know.

  • Carl
    I have every kit but those two. They seem to be hard ones to find.
    I have two of the following, Loco and Service Shop, Logging and Tractor Repair Shed, and Logging Camp Main Street.
    I will certainly make you aware if I locate two. I am now inspired to pursue this in a more vigorous manner.
  • Again..... HO Tool shed for sale, anyone?
  • Hey Gang,

    I'm officially converting over to O Scale so I'm selling my HO Scale Sierra West Kits. The prices I'm asking is just to recoup my costs. I will only accept PayPal as form of payment and shipping is $10 for 1 kit and $15 total for 2 or more kits. All kits listed below are For Sale thru this thread.

    HO Scale Kits No Longer Available

    BlueSky Company - $400
    Scotia Supply - $250
    Eureka Springs Engine House (Still in Shrink-wrap) - $300
    Water Tank and Storage Shed - $225
    Shelby's Marine with Wood - $400 - Note: Wood has already been pre-stained by the original owner
    Wood Cutters Shack - $200
    Backwoods Work Train HOn3 Version (Trucks and Couplers are not included) - $385
    I also have the Trucks (11 total) from Rio Grande for sale for $60.
    Freight House - $250
    Foss' Landing - $325
    The Jewel - $135
    The Addison - $125
    Railroad Camp - $275
    Note: I also have the Matching Linn Truck seen in this kit for sale for $30
    Quincy Salvage - $300
    Note: I have the Jordan Steam Crane seen in this kit for sale for $40
    Duluth Plumbing - $225
    EJ Whiley Wholesale - $325
    Logging Camp Main Street - $325
    Logging Camp Essential - $325

    Other HO Scale Rare and Limited Edition Sierra West Kits

    Eureka Springs Boiler House - Mini Scene - $100
    Large Tank on Platform - Mini Scene - $100
    Industrial Tank on Low Platform - $85
    Pair of Ore Car Disconnects - One with ore load and one without. $110 for the pair
    8 Pairs of Disconnects in Original Box. $60 per pair.
    1 Pair of Disconnects without Original Box - $50 for the pair.
    1 Kerosene Disconnect Car - $70
    Bonus Shop Car - $80

    If you would like me to email you any pictures, especially of the Rare and Limited Edition Kits, please let me know.

    Thanks for Looking!
  • Ken, Thank you for not taking the kits I wanted. Due to your kind gesture I will not accidentally sit on your diorama at the Fine Scale Show in Attoona.

    We are off to the airport-Barb to Newark, N. J.. Yes it's as bad as you have heard.
    Myself to Chicago, were game time temperature tomorrow is expected to be one degree.
    Hopefully I can leave at halftime and go to Alan's crib for the second half.

    The very best to everyone this holiday season. It's been a real trip. You guys have enhanced my life in many ways. I hope my goofy contributions have been mostly positive. If I ever treat anyone in a disrespectful way, please make me aware.

    Barb says come honey. But we know what that means.

    Back at you next week.

  • What did you get Ed?? Alan has a wonderful collection of classic SWSM kits and materials. Great stuff. Inquiring about a few things I don't have, which isn't very much!

    Have fun Ed and be careful...catch up when you get back. You definitely wouldn't want to sit on O'Neills...that Tower could be an issue!...Ken
  • Hi Guy's I still am looking for the E J Whiley kit.
  • Carl...Alan has one see above?
  • I got Alan's E J Whiley and Freight House.

    Carl, I will do my best to find you a E J.
  • Good Ed, knew you were looking for those. Sorry about that Carl, didn't realize EJs was gone...I'll watch for one also.
  • Thank's Ken Ed jumped right on it.
  • edited December 2016
    Yea, Ed's feet are still quick for an old dude!...still remember that Freight House diorama you had at one of the EXPOs. I think we talked about that one other time. I don't think it was your build...maybe a friends. That's another kit you don't see very often.
  • Ken I have the Freight House kit could be that Ed will do some swapping with me.
  • I think Ed picked that one up as well...
  • I see that he did.
  • Ken, Between the two of us we will find the kit for Carl. I will put a note on railroad line forum. Also keep tabs on other sellers. Maybe not this year Carl, next year for sure.

    I used to dunk at 6-1, not bad for a white cat.
  • edited December 2016
    My goal is to build every HO/HOn3 kit Brett has manufactured before I leave this world...not sure I'll make it as I can barely keep up with his new releases!...but it's doable. Got the BlueSky manual out for a leisure read...Ken
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