Brass and Iron Foundry

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I checked my favorite website this morning hoping for another Summer Special announcement to fill in some of the SWSM offerings I'm missing but instead found this exciting announcement from Brett:

"The Companion Structure to O'Neills Fabrication
The used motor oil tank on the O'Neills diorama is going to get some serious action this Fall...
My next HO Scale kit will be a small Brass and Iron Foundry."

All I can say is WOW! Having spent the first part of my career in the steel industry, this will be fun! This industry along with O'Neil's will be the perfect compliment to our sawmills and logging support structures. Of course, I can only hope that an O scale foundry will follow the HO version. So all of you O scale modelers out there, let's send Brett the message that we will support this in O scale as well.



  • That is great news Steve. Love to see, and get my hands on, a companion structure to O'Neills. This is what is so unique about Brett's innovative kit design, rather than just produce kits randomly there is a strategic plan and vision that ties kits together. Great stuff...Ken
  • It would be neat if that brass and iron foundry made some early oil field equipment.
  • Interesting that in O scale there is also to be an O'Neills Machinery Wholesale; this appears to be a separate kit so I'm wondering if it is going to be available in HO as well?
  • the Branchline Alley series will be made in both HO and O scales - just maybe not always in the same order... so yes Mike.
  • I have my name down for one in HO. Another great model to be had. If O'Neills Fabrication is anything to go by, I'm going to have that WOW factor in my layout.
  • Just wondering if you might add the forging of castings for various types of small locomotive repair as well? Except for the probable logistical nightmare you could create and market various subsets of your resin castings to customize this kit and the way in which it interacts with other SWSM offerings.
  • I'm definitely in for one in O scale. I was going to stop at O'Neills but the temptation is too great. I'll have to start cutting holes in walls to expand the layout then. Oh well, you only live once and when you build any SWSM kits, "I pulled my self out and they keep pulling me back in".
  • David, David, just have to start a SWSM Diorama Collection in addition to the layout...we must ask ourselves...
  • David, David, David, you need to determine what is important to you. Ken and I feel a layout and O scale dioramas is the way to go. Don't be a wimp like Alan and stick to one scale. As my football coach said "Bull your Neck". He said other things but not appropriate for here. He was also my wrestling coach. We called him Dozer, because he was built like one.
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    Ken and Ed, you maybe right there. As none of my SWSM structures are permanently attached to the layout, it certainly gives food for thought, but I wouldn't want any one to think that I have other manufacturers structures mounted already, and SWSM are or possibly were to be the main attractions. Ed, in addition to my On30 always under construction layout, I am also building an HOn3 Chama layout as well. The thing is now I'm totally confused. Oh! Wait, that's not new, I've always been confused. Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year people...David
  • David, We have confusion factor in common. Very cool, two layouts.
  • Ok Ken and Ed, you've really done it to me. I had removed the sawmill from its location on the layout to do some more work on it. It was in a good location for viewing but the scenery around it was kind of awkward. Your suggestion about putting all the SWSM buildings on a separate section now made a lot more sense so I got a little creative with the track and added another turnout so I could do just that. Thanks guys it really helped. Most of the SWSM structures will be on a separate removable module attached to the layout. I can now take this module to our annual train show here in Chilliwack where there is no other On30 displays with the exception of Tom Beatons 36" round display for his magnificent trees and stumps. Hopefully I can get it built soon.
  • So when do we get to see this set up?
  • Working on overall layout and foundry components so no idea!!!!
  • Any sneak peaks or teasers yet? I saw in the bulletin your getting closea
  • soon!
  • Now I'm really confused. Brett, do you see a trend here? I think I'm watching too much Fargo.
  • Really excited to see where/how this ties in with Oniells!
  • sure would like to see what you've got brewing boss.....
  • October is coming soon..... any sneak peaks yet?
  • Going to be a fabulous addition to the O'Neills complex! Can't wait...
  • a peek at the foundry would be um.... welcome.
  • Maybe a site layout in relation to Oniells?
  • I'm going to wait and reveal everything once it's ready. Getting closer everyday! Hah, no kidding... Taking my time, enjoying the design evolutions and construction of the pilot model.
  • You have opened a big can of worms. He he.
  • a sneak peek'd be pretty cool...
    just sayin'..
  • You know Brett when its ready its ready. But until then just think how surprised you'll be.

  • anything? i'm dying to see what this looks like...
  • Kevin, your enthusiasm is very much appreciated! But, nothing to see until it's 100% completed...
  • okay, okay.....
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