A New O Scale Concept

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I have received a ton of requests to release the Loco and Service Shop in O Scale - detailed like Karl's version that he has posted on the forum. There is no way to produce a kit like that in the traditional manner! Way too many details. However, I am considering offering it with a subscription service. Part one would be the structure along with some basic details. Then every 4 - 6 months a new part would be offered that would complete one section of the diorama. The parts (other than part one) would be mainly details. If you already own the machine shop equipment you would simply not purchase that part. The only mandatory part to purchase is part one. From there you could pick and choose what you want. I would love to hear from my O Scale customers about interest in this project. From there I can determine viability and potential costs.


  • This sounds like a great concept Brett. Karl's build was really great so this give us, the O scale modelers, an opportunity to get this great kit with the details we can choose from.
  • Brett, sounds like a neat idea. You know I would be in for it. Hopefully others will chime in and you can make it happen. Take care.
  • I don't really have space for it, but would never be able to restrain myself from buying it. bring it on
  • Yes!!! Count me in all parts of this project. I know have a small but dedicated building to devote to my model railroad and I've been penciling ideas. All of them start with some type of engine service facility from which to build the layout. I would love to have this structure and the supporting facilities as the centerpiece of this area of my layout.

    My only request is this doesn't displace the O scale version of O'Neil's. I'm working to complete my O scale Railroad Camp office and warehouse in time to move right on to O'Neil's.
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    Thanks for the valuable and positive feedback gents... I truly appreciate it! Sometimes I feel like I'm working in a vacuum and need this kind out outside interaction.
    My only request is this doesn't displace the O scale version of O'Neil's. I'm working to complete my O scale Railroad Camp office and warehouse in time to move right on to O'Neil's.
    Nah, no worries here. My pilot model is 70%+ done and it is indeed my next release. Hopefully August.

    Please keep the comments coming!!!!
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    Count me in too, Brett.

  • Great Idea...I've been pondering doing a machine shop...having the starting place of the structure would make this much easier....I say go for it...
  • Why not? I've got 50% of my year long DC-3 kit subscription piling up behind a handful of other ongoing projects. Might as well add to the list.

    Bill S.
  • I will sign up. Your kits and info are the best! I have just finished a Senna McLaren Honda MP4/4, 18 months of monthly installments, and have 7 months left on the Millennium Falcon, I think it is a 24 month build. BTW the Falcon is 1/43 per the kit manufacturer, the access corridors measure 6 feet so it may be closer to 1/48. I like the installments and am used to them. Bert E.
  • Brett that's a great idea. And a money saver seeing you wouldn't need all the money up front.

  • Yes, it's a very good idea. I have all the machine shop equipment and currently deciding if I want to finish my O scale scratch build of the FSM logging repair shed or now, get this new kit From Brett. This might be a no brainer, so count me in.
  • Hey Brett,
    I think your subscription idea is a great one, This would also allow potential "on the fence" customers get a feel for the SWSM quality at a fraction of the total cost. Count me in on one of the O scale Engine Facilities. Thanks,
  • Brett, great idea. I will be happy to support you on that project.
  • I'd be very happy to participate in this. Any idea of the "footprint"? My rr is quite small and I plan on having only SW structures.
  • Way to go Carl. I love the idea of a layout with just SWSM kits! Sounds like Brett has his answer, a resounding thumbs up.
  • Count me in, love the look of the engine facilities.
  • Count me in of course.
  • So if one buys Part one, is there a limit to how many of the subsequent parts once can buy?

    I mean, if I buy part one can I buy three of part two and two of part four?

  • One part 1 purchased entitles the modeler to 1 each of the subsequent parts...
  • Thanks for the clarification, Brett. Cool concept.

  • Thanks Jaime. I'm pretty excited to see how it works out. It sure will give me a lot of freedom to detail the kits exactly how I want.
  • What the hell are you waiting for, sir?
  • I would certinally be in for this style of kit.
  • Looks like the boss needs to get off his duff. Said in a nice friendly manner, of course.
  • The HO Scale Loco Shop was a large project, the O Scale version is... can't find a descriptive enough adjective to satisfy the requirement so I'll just type a really long run-on sentence that kinda conveys the enormity of it all. This project is a real possibility.
  • Brett, I have some adjectives you can borrow.
  • Ed, I have no doubt about that!
  • I'm not sure if this fits into your idea of a kit, as your kits are always so complete and detailed. To start off we would need the laser cut windows and plans. Of course your great laser cut wall framing would make a huge difference too, along with the great instructions.
  • Enormity is definitely a great descriptive of the project as a whole.
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