The Deer Creek Mine is Shipping!

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It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I am really pleased and proud of the Deer Creek Mine kit itself. I love the box label. It's a departure from my standard layout and I really enjoyed designing it. The manual is fantastic. It took me six weeks of intense work to complete it and includes over 225 photographs. At almost 100 pages, there are more step by step pics than any other manual I have written. There will be modelers who have built enough of my kits that might construct portions of the mine without even reading the text relying upon the sbs pics and templates! However, the detailed text is still there in its entirety for directions, guidance, support, and of course, my nagging you to be neat with the glue, create clean corners, and for heavens sake grain and stain your exposed board ends!! The templates were a challenge to get printed. My usual printer messed them up. I was folding the first group ready to ship and found wrinkles and toner voids all over them. My second printer stretched them out about 5% so I had to scramble and find a new source for my 11 x 17 printing. What a bunch of clowns. (polite word used.) My wood shipment was trapped in the NorthEast blizzard for a week, but everything finally came together and they are flying out the door as fast as I can cast, cut, sort, and assemble them. I suspect we will see them appearing on the Forums in customers hands sometime next week. I am looking forward to seeing some group builds soon. Finally I would like to thank Roger Malinowski for his wonderful design and willingness to allow me the privilege of offering the kit in HO Scale...


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    Brett best news I've heard all week. Looking forward to getting started.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Great news, Brett!

    Here's hoping your 11" x 17" printer problems are now solved for the long haul. I'm glad I ordered early enough to get my kit from your first production batch look forward to getting it in due course.
  • Best news all week. I can't wait to smell that resin. Really looking forward to building this one.
  • Brett, I'm amazed at what you can create all by yourself; its unreal! Your dedication and selfness to making the finest kits on the market is only superceded by your willingness to help each of us get the most of the build experience. Thanks!

  • Let the pictures flow ... Paul
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    Nice behind the scene description of what it takes sometimes to get a premier kit out the door and in the waiting hands of many...
  • I swore that I would stick to the timber business on my layout, but because of the incredible job Brett has done, I'm ready to order this great kit on its second run. Of course I want to see the masters take on this kit and provide us with a great step-by-step progress report. Phil
  • Yes, Brett - we would all love to see some pictures. One day it would be very interesting to hear how you map out your schedule.

    Congratulations . . .
  • Since I'm more of a logging aficionado than mining, perhaps I can be forgiven asking the question, what type of material is this mine supposed to be extracting (if anything specific)??
  • the mine is very generic... that what makes it such a great design. the tailings you finish the scenery off with could be tailored to what you are mining but really nobody is gonna be able to tell. Keep it simple.
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