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Well, once in awhile it does happen. Karl and I have been kicking some ideas around for a few weeks and it all connected in my brain this morning while spinning metal. That's a whole different saga. Yesterday my casting machine after 20+ years of faithful service went down and of course Karl had a needed spare part in his garage. I am going to start calling his garage "HOME depot". Well anyway as I was spinning this morning I put all the puzzle pieces together and am now drawing the initial wall files to test cut tomorrow... No I am not gonna tell you what I am doing other than to say it will be in HO and O Scale.


  • I would imagine, from previous posts over a long time, that a product in both scales would satisfy the folks who "wish it was in the scale I am locked in to".
  • It's also challenging to create a dio in both scales that meet my expectations... Not to mention fun!
  • Will all be waiting to see what has been going round and round in your head!!!

  • I noted the word "Garage" twice in your first post Brett....?? You were also spinning metal maybe a foundry...??..

    I'm still not settled down from hearing about the HO Scale Deer Creek Mining Company kit some time ago!
  • Only good things can come from Brett and Karl brainstorming.
  • No clues in my post so stop goofing around and keep modeling...
  • Dang it....gee whizz...all right back to the bench.....
  • Ah, come on! Now I will have to get a second mortgage to pay for the next kits.
  • What ever it is it will be Amazing !
  • "No clues in my post so stop goofing around and keep modeling..."
    "It's also challenging to create a dio in both scales"

    Does this add up to a single or multiple structures...? Hmmmm...
  • A log unloader would come in handy
  • Let's see: in HO we've got the Deer Creek Mining Company and the backwoods sawmill in the pipeline along with Central Camp and the Foundry and Machine Shop "somewhere out in the future" and now we've got this "Cruel Suspense" kit. Heck, I'm retired so pretty soon I'm going to need a budget and delivery estimate for all these kits so that I can plan some contract work to afford them all!

    Just keep em coming please, Brett.
  • Anything that would either up the priority of the Central Camp or at least give a hint at what it would include would be helpful. Trying to figure out how it would impact my current plans and where I'd put it...whatever it will be...
  • Wow. You have my interest Brett.
  • Nah it's going to be that giant beehive burner someone wanted under the request thread...
  • Could it be a "standard" lighting kit for each of the kits?

  • Could it be a "standard" lighting kit for each of the kits?

    uhmmm.... no

  • Its time for another hint . . .
  • no hints... details soon.
  • OK I'll put my two cents worth in for a new wharf kit only because I'm starting on the shipyard and the real estate I have needs another kit to go along with it. But what ever it is I'm interested.

  • Hey, Brett!

    It's over a month since you had your brainstorm/flash of inspiration and us impatient folks out here in the wilderness are getting restless

    How about some details?

    Heck, vaporware should limited to them computer software jocks so the confirmation of the kit content, ship date and price for this next piece of kit building magic might even get you some firm, cash paying orders. Well, at least you'll get an order for one kit from me!
  • Are we going to get details before the brainstorm grows stronger and snow begins to fall? ;^)

    A bit of rolling stock would be nice, perhaps a saw filer's car with lots of appropriate tools (assuming you can find details on such).
  • Are we going to get details ......
    As with every SierraWest kit there will be plenty of details.


  • It's the brainstorm details we anxiously await - the neat SW details will, as always, come with the kit. Heck, even an outline of this brainstorm would satisfy me at least for a few weeks!
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    I used to keep a notebook with design ideas, my terrible sketches, etc... now I use a great note taking app my daughter uses at college and I just counted 18 solid future kit ideas. Most applicable to HO and O Scales. That should keep me going past retirement but nothing specific to share. In due time! My original post wasn't meant to be a tease, just excited and sharing...

    good one Karl!
    Are we going to get details ......

    As with every SierraWest kit there will be plenty of details.


  • Brett,

    Having counted down to retirement all my life, in my case I found it was great in concept and for awhile. Again, in my case, what is even better is doing something productive at a limited measured pace - forever . . . . .

    Your friend,
  • Retirement? Who said we were going to allow Brett to retire? His will be the first detail castings to represent railroading on the other side...
  • I see on the weekly SW site update that Brett has now publicly dangled the proverbial carrot:
    "2015 Marks the Twentieth Anniversary of the release of my first kit:
    I am so pleased to be able to share some preliminary details on a couple of projects I have planned... soon!"

    I'm looking forward to these preliminary details!
  • I hope they are O scale.
  • Where can I find "the weekly site update" referred by BrianM above please?
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