O Scale BlueSky Kits Start Shipping

The first group start shipping today - typing this waiting for my metal pot to get up to temp...


  • Its my birthday coming up in July Brett and im busy convincing my girlfriend to buy it for me.

    Are you doing a limited run?
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    Fantastic!! I cant wait to get mine when you work your way down the order list to me.

    I'm really looking forward to building the parts that I didnt get to do last time, and all those details of course.

  • Great News.
    I only hope my wife doesn't get to the package first as several times before they have been seized and 'put away for Christmas'. Really looking forward to this one with all its separate parts.
    Well done Brett.
  • Thanks Alan... tell her it's way toooooo early to be put away for Christmas!
  • Very excited about this one. Looks like I'm in for a learning experience too. exquisite paint job on the gas pump island details and the clapboard. Only big problem is I may be leaving HO modeling forever.
  • Tammy & I cant wait for Blue Sky. Right now we are working on Logging and Tractor Repair shed for our Blue Ox Lumber Co. 0n30 modular layout.
  • Humm..... how about a Blue Sky Mining Supply??
  • As most have expressed, I too can hardly wait for the kit to show up in my mailbox! I've got a few plans for it to make it unique. Promises to be an outstanding kit.
  • Just got back from parcel office having collected my Blue Sky kit - Brett you have excelled yourself this time. I was going to add this box to the to do pile but having just looked through the contents there is no way this is going to be put away... its going to be the next one to be built!.
    Already l am clearing the workbench from part builds and am going to start this evening but just to be different l will build it as a mirror image - well to be honest it's the only way it will fit the space allocated!
    For anybody hesitating on this kit there are 174 resin castings alone and l haven't opened the bags of white metal castings yet, add to those the superb laser cut building frames and many other jigs etc and l don't see how you can ask for more.
    More? ..... well roll on the sawmill!!!!!!!!!!!

    Once again Brett thanks for the delivery and all your efforts on the detail.
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    Great intro Alan,
    I'm really looking forward to the build thread on this awesome kit...

    Cant wait to get mine and start building it also..

  • I am glad you are excited to start this one Alan!
  • Blue Sky arrived Friday. As usual the castings are of very high quality, both resin and metal, & there's plenty of them. I really like the weather board sidings for the store, great innovation. That is a real large block of resin for the brick work cook house. As Alan has said the laser walls are superb. I've read the manual and its looks a significant project, which is good and is of course expected. At least a couple of months of evening and weekend work. I think I'll stay with the main structures as per the manual but I am planning to make the machine shop larger, and model as still in operation. Very much looking forward to the build. It's the middle of winter here so I hope to finish by spring. Maybe the end of spring.

    I'll post a picture of the tractor repair shed and dolbeer logging engine when I get a fine day to take them outside for a photo. Brett said the dolbeer is a quick build. I guess it was only a week of evening and two weekends work but it was a tricky little sucker.

    I plan to begin construction on Blue Sky this week.

  • well it looks like we have New Zealand and the U.K. on board... maybe Karl can be enticed to join in on the build a bit. Now that's the real UN!!!!
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    No enticing is needed, I'll be jumping in on this one in the next day or two. It'll probably take me that long to unpack the box.......... 8~)



    Thanks Brett!! Looking forward to this one
  • Ah man

    I cant wait to get my hands on this. Looks like lots of fun.
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