layout idea's

I am planing a layout and would like to see what other's layouts look like to get some idea's


  • I'll also be interested to see what other folks are doing.
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    I do have a grand master plan.... unfortunately its in my head so I'll need to get it onto paper.
    It's still vague on the finer points but the main elements are determined.. (for now, things tend to change/evolve)

    Basically the layout will run from waterfront to town to woods on an "E" style plan. All based around Brett's kits and scratchbuilds. 16'x24' room. O Scale.

  • Ive thought about a layout once or twice, but not having my own house has put me off in the pass. I have recently bought though and will be moving in by the end of march. I`ll go back to the idea then.
  • Karl that sounds like a nice layout. I hope to see it started and hope to see it one day.

    Now in my case I have a 8 x 10 room for my very large diorama in O-Scale. Basically it will be mining with scratch built and Brett's kits. And a few thrown in from Stoney Creek.

  • Removed a 9 X 10 X 16 HO "C" shaped aroung the room layout based on Northern Ontario September 1956. Currently working on On30 sectional layout with 2 friends. My portion is 2 X 10 based on 1940's logging railroad engine service area.
  • Gents, I tore out a mature HO layout (done and redone, ad nauseum) from my 10 x 20
    layout room. Saw Bretts kits at O Scale West. Immediately went into On30 and O 2-rail!
    Room is small for 2-rail so large stuff is just 'visitors' on the layout.
    Layout is around the walls U with returns for continuous running in On30.
    Thanks for the inspiration, Brett.

    Phil L
  • Sounds interesting Phil, hopefully some members will have pics to share as they progress.

    thats a good sized room for a highly detailed On30 layout.

  • Greetings, Looking at all the posts here I found this one

    All my Sierra West kits will be integrated into the existing layout. I have left spaces for them.
    I have just received the last of my kit orders and have started work on them.
    This layout is 0n30. 30' by widest 15'.

    This is my web site for the layout

  • Wayne, we need to see some of your SW builds! Visited your notch and a great layout. I will be visiting your site routinely as your modeling and scenic treatments are top shelf for sure with lots of useful info. tucked in there as well. Your weathered banded sandstone outcroppings are really nice. I've been out west (AZ, Southern UTAH, etc.) and you captured the feel perfectly. Well played....Ken
  • That's a darn fine start to the layout and its accommodation is awesome, the relics are fantastic.

    I ll also be looking forward to you posting pics of progress as you work through Brett's kits and following along with your build threads.

  • Wayne was just there. Sent you an email. Nice project you have going there. Keep us updated.

  • Thanks for the notes. I have updated the web site just last night 7-29-13, new menu items and one new building.

    I have one SW building on the layout, the lineside shed. It is near the turntable as the OPs for that. No pictures yet as I still am installing it.

    Most of the SW kits will be on the Logging portion which will be installed probably this Fall.
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    Like a lot of layout is more in my head than attached to the walls right now.....and my shop looks like a hobby shop that has one of everything on the shelves....20+ kits....and tons of scratchbuilding supplies.....I have a bunch of stuff built...and will share some pictures soon. My main dilema....I know that once I get the layout really rolling....I will retire from my firefighters job....and move south. I have started to rough out the benchwork.....trying to think of moving day. Most of the layout is going to be no deeper than 24" for the sawmill area and engine facility. I am using light box type framework, with foam land about 8 foot sections. Where they will will bolt together, almost like a modular....but not at the same time. This will allow me to......ugh....hate to say it......cut the layout into movable sections. Once at its new location....I can reassemble it....just having to patch up the scenery. Which is why I plan to save as much scenery supplies so I can match it up. Plan is to not have a structure on the joints......anyone elese doing anything along these lines? looking for pros and cons......ok....enough typing....back to the workbench.....
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    Art? correct?

    Yes I have always planned on doing something very similar.
    One idea I came up with is to put masking tape over the joints. That way when I take it apart I can just peel up and remove the masking tape and when putting it back together replace the tape and scenic the taped joint to blend in...

  • I have a question as I begin to build the loco and service shops as well as the donkey repair yard and consider how it will fit in my layout. Why in all the pictures I look at is the car repair track coming into the shops from the back and not going all the way through. Seems to me all the action is at the other end and the entrance to the car shed should be in the "front", not the "back" I know I can do anything I want to, but was just wondering what the thinking was that let to the current design and layout.

    Regarding my layout, I am creating a module (because I may also have to move it at some point) which will be the junction of a narrow gauge railroad and a standard guage railroad. I am considering on using the loco service shops as a dual gauge location, able to service both railroads. Would be interested in hearing what other think and any suggestions.
  • As you are probably aware, the loco shops/d.r.y. kits are part of the logging camp series and the track plan dictated this arrangement. Since the prototype version of car shop like this was freelanced by the logging company to suit their needs, and came in an endless variety of designs, this layout is plausible, or a thru track as well...
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