SierraWest 3D Printed Details Thread - Show off your 3D Printed details!

Had a few minutes to work on the website today and have uploaded a ton of new O Scale Details as well as Re-stocked favorites:

As usual these are limited to stock on hand and ship out in a couple days.


  • You are having too much fun with the printer. Details look nice. Gonna need a few of those.
  • Gorgeous new items added to the lineup!
    Just LOVE that soda machine.
  • So many fantastic details. Looking forward to adding them to my modelling. So many possibilities!
  • Those 3D printed details are awesome! Can't wait for them to be offered in HO.
  • They are superb and set the standard for what’s possible.
  • The gas cans are exactly what I needed for a project...
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    ok HO Scale'ers..... it's your turn.

    Sending a newsletter out tomorrow so giving you a head start before the new parts sell out...
  • Just love them all. Those soda crates are must haves.
  • Received my O-scale 3D detail parts in the mail today, both the unfinished and finished pieces by Brett. My immediate reaction is, " Its Christmas in October!"

    Thanks Brett, just when we think it can't get any better you hit another grand slam.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Just placed my order and the receipt took up two pages...just a hint as to how many of those wonderful 3D details I absconded with!
  • Greedy boy !!!! :wink: :smiley:
  • Thank you everyone for the Incredible Response to these new details.

    The "Battle Worn" Hand Painted detail groupings sold out in less than two hours, wow! I will have more of these very soon so if you missed out be sure to check back. I will announce the next groups here.
  • Brett, I think you have found a new niche. If you could just get some oompa loompas to help you paint, weather, and detail, you could make a killing!!!
  • Thanks for the nice selection of HO detail parts put my order in. Really looking forward to them.
  • holy smokes. less than two hours. that's really somethin'....
    says alot about swsm details.
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    Brett, great details and weathering on these parts. Beautiful!!
    I did not purchase because I would rather detail them and give them my signature with painting and weathering and texturing.
    Keep up your great work as usual.
    Also, keep the kits coming!! :wink:
  • I'm worried that these new items are way too good. They are dynamite!
  • Received my recent order of the new HO printed details. They are exquisite! Really like the pop and beer cases with bottles. Thanks Brett for the great details.
  • Everyone should get one set by Brett himself. Who ever said I can paint my own Norman Rockwell??
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    I will purchase a few of the weathered and painted versions once the HO version is available and back in stock. And will give my feed back.
    The pic's look fantastic Brett!!
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    I just received my HO soda bottles and air tanks. Really cool!
  • It is always invigorating to wake up and sign onto the SWSM site and read forum entries but most exciting is to see more 3D details that are available. It keeps me fired up during my morning walk Thanks Brett for Christmas in October!
    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Just purchased a lot of Brett's Ho newest parts and should receive this week. :smiley:
  • You guys will love them.... I promise.
  • I love all the 3D printed details I have received thus far. Can't wait for more!
  • Should be getting another batch this week.
    What would be helpful to a lot of people here is paint and weathering suggestions that you folks suggest on these little HO puppy's.
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    Hey Folks, I have been working on my Eureka Springs Engine House project for some time now, and posting under that build heading. The entire interior detailing was complete at about the same time Brett started coming out with his HO Scale 3D printed detail parts. As a result, I wasn't able to incorporate many, save a few, in the interior work. However, the exterior work is being worked on now and the addition of the 3D parts is a game changer! As those that have acquired these parts can attest, they are just amazing and so easy to work with. Here are a few of the attributes of these 3D parts that I have found:

    Amazing detail not possible in other mediums such as white metal or resin. Obviously this is the number one reason these parts are a game changer as I call them. This is a very important issue with HO scale. many small HO scale parts lose their detail in the casting process just due to the small size...3D printing solves this issue! changer is a result!

    NO clean up! I'm serious, I have not picked up my #11 blade once when detailing these parts. As an example, the various highly detailed bottles come on a sprue attached at the bottom of the bottles. I will take a sprue and paint all the bottles and then just take fine nippers and cut them off as needed and plant in the scene. They are also printed in a clear "resin" to appear as glass even without a gloss paint or clear gloss color coat like Gallery Glass.

    Accept paint and weathering products perfectly.

    The parts that would be metal are easily detailed to appear as metal and you can't tell they aren't. Here's a problem we have all detail paint and weather a white metal casting and you use your tweezers to position it in the scene. What happens? invariably a small spot of the base metal glares through from being scratched off by the tweezers or something else. Not an issue with these 3D parts.

    One BIG problem...they don't have the signature SWSM Resin smell!! LOL....I can live with that as I have many resin castings in my castings collection if I need a nostalgic whiff!

    Of course Brett is not doing away with resin or white metal as they all have a place in detailing the wonderful kits. Nothing can replace the patina that can be achieved by buffing certain blackened white metal castings.

    I will be featuring some of the 3D parts I have detailed and incorporated into my Eureka Springs build here and will give a quick description of how I detailed each one. This will of course be how I do it, not how to do it! To start, below is a picture of part, yes part!, of my current SierraWest Scale Models 3D Printed Parts Collection...


    I use these compartmented see through boxes. Big advantage is I can one, see all the parts easily at once and two, carry the box to my diorama bench and study the scene I'm working on with the parts right in front of me...

    Next time we'll get into detailing he parts themselves...Ken

  • Thanks Ken!!
  • Wow Ken. Love the idea. So much to copy from you.
    Thanks again.
  • Pulling up a chair in the front row! Looking forward to your treatment of these great detail parts.
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