Happy New Year!

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Finishing the year strong, looking forward to 2020. SierraWest celebrates its 25th Anniversary!

Thank you all for the incredible friendship and support!

Have an awesome New Year!


  • Anytime Boss.

    You have a Great Year also.
  • Happy New Year
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    I hope you all have a great 2020.....seems like no time ago we were wondering if the Y2K lights would go out.....everyone remember what you were doing in January 00?

  • Happy Healthy New Year to all. Thanks for all the great modelling over the past year. Really looking forward to next years achievements. A toast to all!
  • Have a safe and happy New Year. Actually did a bit of modeling today! least I think that's what it would be called...resin was flying everywhere!
  • Have a Happy New Year everybody and hope it i a modeling year!
  • Thanks for all the wonderful New Years wishes!
  • Happy new year from Portugal Brett! Looking forward to the new kits!
  • I would like to be there.
  • Happy New Year to everyone. What a great group of folks. Best wishes to everyone in the coming year.

  • Oh sh*t I'm late for the party!!!
    And Brett was buying well there is always next year.

    Anyway Happy New Year to all you guys.

    And Brett congratulations on 25 years in business.

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