Dueling Shacks

Hi All,
Just wanted to post my Dueling Shacks Pic's.
This is my first Kit Build from SierraWest and my first Pic hope I don't screw things up.
It was suggested that by many folks here if your not familiar with Brett's kits, start with the O Scale Dueling Shacks.
They were so right, learned so much.
I first sent the attached pics to Brett and he was impressed and suggested I post.
I have built many Kit's from other suppliers and all are great but find Brett's kits are more detailed and his instructions and suggestions are the best.
I am now a big fan of board to board detail and design.

So here goes the pics.
Feel feel to comment if you like or dislike or suggest an area to work on.



  • both of them turned out real nice. that's a great kit to start with, but be careful.
    it's addictive.
  • Excellent job! Thanks for sharing.
  • Very well done. It is indeed the best way to get into the SW world of building kits.
  • Nice job Pappy.
  • Thanks Guys!
  • Beautifully done!
  • Pappy,
    Great work. SW kits are by far the best on the market, for uniquely interesting designs, techniques, quality, detail, and yes the instructions are the best! Enjoy many more of them and share your work on the forum. Thanks for jumping in.
  • Nicely done Pappy.
  • Thanks for all the kind words.
    I will for sure share my upcoming models from SW.
    Just started working on the HO scale Brass & Iron Foundry. Probably a 2 month or so build.
    I will keep you all posted.
  • Where have you been Pappy!...that is one killer piece of work my friend. Great color, everything blends together, wonderful casting work...on and on...great stuff.
  • Thanks Ken much appreciated!!
    BTW, Kevin sent me a pdf of your Wood Clinic.
    Much info here and will use this and Brett's religiously.
    All great people here and will keep you all posted on my current Build.
    Have a Great weekend!!

    Pappy (Chris)
  • Beautiful build.

  • Thanks Frank
    Getting positive comments from all the Legends here.
    Some day I will be as good as you all.

    Pappy (Chris)
  • Pappy, very nice job. I always judge from an overall view and your build works very well for me. Thanks for posting. Phil
  • Thanks Phil for the nice comment.
    This was my first build I did from SW. It was suggested to start off with this kit by others here. They all were so right on.
    Learned a lot of techniques from not only the Kit, but also from all the great folks here.
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