Great tribute to the late Brain Nolan by Mario Rapinett


Here is a great photo montage put together by Mario Rapinett of the modeling by our late fried Brian Nolan. He was an amazing modeler and even more amazing friend. He loved modeling and enjoyed sharing the hobby and his techniques with anyone who wanted to know how he did anything. He will forever be missed.



  • A fantastic artist! Thank you for sharing this
  • Indeed, a great artist. Thanks for this.
  • Had the honor and pleasure to have breakfast with him and a few others up in Mansfield Ma. a few years back....we had a few mutual interests...modeling and fire fighting....he was a treasure taken too soon...
  • Just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mario. A great tribute for a Great Guy. .........Carl.......
  • Extremely well said Mr. Laskey.
  • Brett they did not come any better than him. ...........Carl.............
  • True, so true
  • The only thing that beats his modeling, was the man himself. A true gentleman. Those who meet him consider themselves honored. He cared much more than most about the hobby and the modelers.
  • Incredible job Mario. A most sincere thank you. You are also among the best.
  • Enough to bring a tear to your eye. A true friend. Even though he's been gone for 8 years he will always be remember by all!!!

  • Jerry,

    I miss my weekly phone calls with Brian. He was a great friend.

  • Frank,

    Thanks for sharing that link to Brian's modeling. I have looked through the slide show several times already and will probably look back even more for further inspiration as I build new projects. What an artists' eye Brian had for very subtle ideas!

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Brian's work has influenced my model detailing for the past 14 years.....
  • Mario,

    Thanks for posting the great videos and pictures of the best modeling out there!!!!

  • Thanks for that one Mario.
  • The videos that you posted recently Mario are just wonderful.
  • Mario,

    I have enjoyed the photos of Brian's work on your website for some time now. I especially kike reviewing them to study the details and clutter. Constantly seeing something new and learning from them. The videos you have posted accompanied by a soundtrack are a nice addition to the scale modelers' library.

    Thanks, Dave S Tucson, AZ
  • Thanks for putting this together.
  • Mario, I have enjoyed all of the videos you have made recently. Very well done!
  • Hi Guys....thanks for the feedback....I'm rediscovering small details during the making of the videos......and enjoying NOT scrolling thru my 1000'a of photo's....I've got enough videos to make in the future, to last me into my aged care stage....with the help of the nurses......visit my new You Tube channel for daily additions.....
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