The HO Scale Riverfront

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This is gonna be amazing. So excited about this kit. I really want to share the details but it's better to be surprised and have a big reveal once complete! It really completes the O'Neills/Foundry story perfectly. Such an awesome way to be able to model water without the commitment to a large seaside diorama. Why the skull and crossbones? Just having some fun! OK, let the pirate puns begin...


  • Agh!!!! So excited! Thank you Brett!!!!!!
  • i spent 10 years modeling in n scale, and feeling like the redheaded step-child to ho.
    i'm feelin' it again....
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    There is a book called "Two feet to Togus" by Robert Jones describing a 2' railroad in Maine. It was only 5 miles long, never connected with any other railroad, and only existed for the sole purpose of servicing the National Soldier's Home.

    Coal had to be hauled from a "coal dock on the river" in Randolph to heat the Soldier's hospital and buildings in Chelsea. Passengers regularly rode the line to see the band performances and relatives. The Kennebec Central died in 1929. This could be a great shelf RR!

    It sounds like that book could could create some great story- telling based on facts.
  • Brett,

    The new HO kit sounds amazing. I can't wait to see the pics.

  • Brett, this is exciting. It is perfect to complete a 2 x 4 section that will also complete my layout. I'm thinking you designed it for me when you visited me in September. Should be a perfect complement for not only the foundry and O'Neills, but also the mine, sawmill, etc.
  • Man, so excited to see this!
  • Reminds me of the Mississippi River front and harbor scene at Dubuque, IA and East Dubuque, IL from my college days. Lots of industry and barge activity, a lock and damn, and a RR bridge across the Mississippi, plus the Milw, IC, CGW and CB&Q railroads all had facilities there. Dubuque had a foundry, a molasses processing plant, a few breweries. an operating funicular elevator up the side of a bluff, the Shot Tower (Galena lead processing from the Civil War days) and of course the the Dubuque Packing Company, but not to be forgotten four colleges, plus the legendary Field of Dreams just outside of town.

    Later, Dave S Tucson, AZ
  • Dave...interesting read...thanks for sharing. I sent you a PM about a Shot Tower in SW Virginia
  • Very cool. Always good to see words from Mike Engler.
  • Can't wait brother, give us a teaser!
  • I wonder how the river front will go with Shelby's?
  • Brett,
    Looking forward for this kit!! Hope the wife buys it for me like your other fantastic kits she has bought for me...sorry I'm spoided
  • Good morning team! Brett any updates you can give us on the new kit? Off for the summer and would love to dive into this one. Keep up the awesome work!
  • Hoping to have an update very soon! Summer sounds like great timing on this one. Thanks for checking in.
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