• Fantastic from every angle! This will be great fun. I hope a mack truck might be returning for service shortly. (????)
  • What a stunning kit with an amazing level of detail. The interior shots are jaw dropping. This kit has just jumped to the top of my build list. Clearing some space on my work table tonight. Fantastic work Brett.
  • Time for the O scalers to get their glue bottles primed and ready...have fun guys
  • Oooooh....
  • Terry, damn, I've just closed mine after this other 'Repair' Shop I just finished...Guess I'll have to refill the glue bottle... :smiley:

    Great work Brett.
  • Ordered.

  • Beautiful job Brett. You are the "MASTER"!!

  • ordered and excited!
  • Thanks gents, I appreciate the kind words and of course the orders. I am super stoked about this kit - looks so fantastic with the office/warehouse kit. I'll eventually get some pics up of the two together. Just waiting on some SEO information then I can roll out my updated website.
  • As I continue to examine the photos Brett has published I have to admit that I am becoming more and more attracted to an "O" scale purchase!- my first .... yet my HOn3 shay has DCC sound and lighting and every other kit still on my shelves is in HO.... Brett could you please let us have some small clue about the "theme" of the next HO offering so I know where my saved nickel and dime can go!
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    I will tell you I am finishing up a newsletter and website update that will lay it all out there! Planning on sending/updating very soon...
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    speaking of newsletter...
    i've signed up for it several times but haven't received one yet. i just signed up again.
  • kevin, you are on the list for sure, just checked. you should have received one yesterday afternoon announcing the Truck Repair. If not check your spam or promotions folders. I use go daddy to send my newsletters so they shouldn't get flagged as spam but the system is not perfect...
  • Brett, That's good to know, Thanks
  • Brett,

    Got my SWSM News Letter announcing the Railroad Camp Truck Repair kit notice yesterday afternoon (12/31/18; New Years Eve) at about 4:30 MST via AOL mail. Placed my order.

    Have you selected anyone to do the Official Forum Build?

    Can you tell us a bit about Gary Nash? You mentioned that this kit was a tribute to Gary.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Dave,

    Here is the cover from an old Gazette with a model built by Gary Nash and/or Mic Greenberg. Both modelers were innovators back in the 1970's and early 1980's. You should look up both authors in those older magazines.

  • That's the work of Gary Nash in the series of articles "Realistically Speaking". Mic Greenberg and Gary wrote those articles over a couple of years and they are fantastic. They were very influential on me during that time and the years that followed! So much so that I based the truck repair off that article. The structures that surround it in railroad camp were freelanced.
  • Much anticipated and well worth the wait....Ordered last I have a place for my Mack to get serviced....Looks fantastic Brett...
  • Sooooo tempting for a diorama!
  • I'm in!
  • Frank, Gary and MIc blew my mind back then. Talked to Gary once on the phone but never knew Mic although his gas station with the outside plumbing pipe drove me nuts. I said "One day I will model 1/48th!" And it came true.
  • I have all the Gazettes up to about 1990. I had a feature in the Nov 1984 issue, I think. Can check if you want. It was HOn3.
  • It was the September-October issue of 1984.
  • Despite being a die hard 1:87 modeler, I perused your latest release of the O Scale Railroad Camp Truck Repair Shop. What a beautifully designed and detailed structure. The pilot model is absolutely superb in every quite obviously haven't lost your prowess for fine scale modeling that's for damn sure!
    So many wonderful it.
  • i can't wait for it to hit my mailbox.... :)
  • Same here. Looking forward to getting my kit.

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